Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Blog Like No One is Reading

I'm going to be blogging more. I need an outlet and I want to have a place for my kids to have memory reminders. This means I am blogging for me, not anyone out there. I will keep this public because I don't have anything here I don't mind sharing, but if no one reads it...that's fine.

Here is where our family is right now. We live in a small Midwestern college town where I was born and we've lived here 19 years now. Whoa! It seems crazy when I type it out. We moved here from Maryland (DC area) when I was pregnant with our first (was supposed to be our only) child. 

So that makes Parker 18 years old. He is attending a fabulous community college so he can save money living at home and he has a theatre scholarship (yay, for saving even more money). He homeschooled K-12, except for sixth grade at a public school and, as a lot of homeschoolers in our town, he took classes at the same community college during high school. He used to be a nanny for two awesome kids, but quit this fall to concentrate on school, theatre, and film. He is in a local improv group, interns at a local film production studio, and runs several role playing groups. He amazes me every day and he is so much more mature than most of the adults I know, but I'm hoping he lets go a bit and has some immature fun from time to time, while he still can. He has yet to experience being vegan living on his own, but he has been learning how to cook since he was little and is hoping to find some vegan-friendly roommates at some point.

Dema (Demetrius) is 14 and attending public school for the first time. He homeschooled all, but 4-6th grades (private school) and is now a Freshman at high school. He has OCD and this makes some things more challenging, but he makes friends easily and is a talented singer so this opens a lot of doors. Dema is also very involved in theatre and music so he was able to experience being on stage with his brother several times before Parker graduated. Dema approaches his veganism much differently than his siblings and his time socializing after different productions has taught him how to navigate the vegan choices in fast food/chain restaurants. He likes to bake, but has very little interest in cooking, at this point.

Josie (Josephine) just turned 11 this month and she is still homeschooling. She would be in 5th grade in public school, due to her birth date, but she does mostly 6th grade at home. She is very focused on athletics and tends to be the most competitive person in the house. She is going to guest post soon about her experience at a very well known gymnastics camp and their lack of vegan options, food waste, and more.

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