Friday, March 1, 2019

The Karaoke Singer - Short Film

Our friend and one of our favorite local film directors, John Isberg, just released a short film that is somewhat autobiographical for him and the boys helped with a bit. It is touching, sweet, sad, and the boys had a great time working with him. They filmed it a year or so ago, before Dema's voice changed so he feels so young in the film.

The Karaoke Singer from Swede Films on Vimeo.

Cooking Tips from Our Poor College Student:

My newly 19 year old was house/cat-sitting for a neighbor friend for several months so he got used to shopping and cooking for himself. Now he is back living with us and has a much busier school/work/play rehearsal schedule so I do most of the cooking. I get into ruts with my vegetables and this time of year I rely heavily on frozen produce. I usually buy organic and try to find sales since it adds up quickly. We eat a wide variety of vegetables, but I'll go through a brussel sprout faze or okra or put peas in get the picture. Parker got used to buying these 3 lb bags of frozen mixed vegetables. The bag is resealable so he could maybe get three meals out of one bag. My organic vegetables usually come in 10 oz bags so I use two for one dish. He suggested the other day that I try the larger bags. It does bother me that the vegetables are conventionally grown, but it is super convenient, less packaging, much cheaper, and we get more variety of vegetables in each meal. I'm hoping to freeze more vegetables from our CSA (community supported agriculture) share and the farmer's market this spring/summer so we can use that produce to get us through next winter.