Friday, June 22, 2018

What We're Sipping, RBG, and Produce Turned Dessert

We've had some brutally hot weather already this summer and it just officially started yesterday! We are beating the heat with hibiscus tea (I just buy dried hibiscus in the bulk section of our co-op and steep the petals overnight refrigerated in our glass pitcher) with lemon puree ice cubes. I got the ice cube idea from How Not to Die Cookbook. I buy lemons when they are on sale, peel a bag of them, blend in the Vitamix, and freeze in my silicone ice cube trays Rob bought for me. We were never big ice cube users before so we don't have the ice cube maker hooked up in our freezer and we never had any trays. Now I use them all the time! Pureeing the lemon gives you all the vitamin C, etc. of the juice, but also maintains the fiber. It ends up being cheaper than buying jarred organic lemon juice and the ice cubes are the perfect portion for most of my recipes.
Parker, Josie, and I finally were able to see RBG at our local co-operative theater. Loved it!
In previous weeks, we received a lot of delicious fresh carrots from our CSA share. The kids, Josie especially, love carrot sticks so most of our carrots were used as snacks between activities or during swim meets. My sister doesn't have children and she and her husband weren't consuming their share as quickly. So she asked if any of the kids wanted to come over and help make a vegan carrot cake. Josie was the only one available and she was more than eager to help Karen bake!
The carrot cake was so fresh and light tasting with just the right hint of sweetness. I really need to bake more or the kids just need to make this themselves because it was scrumptious! They followed the recipe from The Joy of Vegan Baking.
Josie got the last piece since she helped make it and she decided to cover her slice with fresh blueberries. She said it was even better that way. CSA produce is great, even when turned into dessert!

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