Monday, March 26, 2018

Vegan Haluski with Smoky Tofu - College Recipes

 After a few days in Chicago and eating out a every day, I came back home craving simple, but healthy homemade foods. I also am trying to simplify our house by donating things we don't use and minimizing my electronic clutter by closing open tabs on my phone/computer. This includes lots of recipes. One of the recipes was Vegan Haluski with Smoky Tofu. Parker helped me cook this and we decided to go for brown rice instead of noodles since we had pasta yesterday. We used red cabbage and red onions so it made for fun spring color. I'm starting to make a note of recipes that are good for Parker to make when he moves out and this one is pretty inexpensive too so it makes the "college recipe" list. It is easy, flavorful, and full of crunchy brassica goodness!

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