Thursday, March 1, 2018

Short Films: A Thief Named Skip is Driving Me Nuts

Parker was involved in a short film for a young budding film director. It was a lot of work and fun, but filming at night with weapons is always interesting. Always make sure your director has notified the local police and sometimes even then things can get interesting. I believe this is Parker's first role as a thief and he got to "kill" a friend of mine from high school, Eric Sizemore. I love that my kids have worked with Eric in several different projects.

This was a 48 Hour Film Project short film. We didn't get to participate as much as we usually do, but the boys have been in non-stop, overlapping live theatre productions and Parker was sick during the 48 film weekend. He had promised, Brian Hagy, the director weeks previously so he was able to put in a few very cold hours before he had to get to the theatre for a performance. He was running a fever and was losing his voice, but the show must go on. I'm always amazed what the groups can come up with in just 48 hours!

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