Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Little Bit of This a Little Bit of That Burritos

Just a bit of a warning, I'm probably going to post a lot of dog pictures. We have quite a few regular canine guests and they are a big part of our lives. I feel like this has been my calling for a while and now that we've been taking care of dogs in our home for a few years, I really can't imagine not having these dogs in our lives. They become part of the family.
Canine boarder, Bodie, chillaxin'
 Bodie has a lot of issues. When we first starting caring for him, he would lick patches of his fur off and he would go into attack mode on walks when we crossed paths with other dogs, he would bark incessantly, he could not deal with being kept in a room (even with people in there with him),  high anxiety and stress. Of course, boarding at a normal boarding facility was tough on him and he would come back hoarse. We absolutely love having this little "fox" in our home. He is so smart, playful, and loves to go on long walks. I'll probably post more about Bodie in the future, but I just love how relaxed he is in this picture. He has really grown to feel more secure and he's such a sweetheart.
Josie with her farmers' market and food co-op haul.
Going to the Saturday farmers' market used to be our family thing to do. We all looked forward to Saturday mornings. Even when we were car-free, we'd bike as a family to the Market at the Square. Somewhere along the way, we lost this tradition. The kids were busy with play rehearsals, film shoots, gymnastics, swim meets, aikido practice, etc. Rob was busy with sailing or we wanted to sleep in. Josie has never lost her love of the market so I finally made it a priority this last weekend. We went just the two of us and she brought her own spending money.

Her first stop was "farmer Greg's stand". We've been buying produce from Greg since before she was born and we used to be in his CSA. He was always one of our favorite farmers to support. I love that she has a connection to a local farm/farmer and cares so much about where we buy our food. As the years have gone by and we get busier, I often wondered if the kids still had that focus on food and food politics, but clearly she does. We also made sure to buy some produce from my sister, who started working at Blue Moon Farm this summer.

Since the market is in the parking lot of Common Ground Food Co-op, we went in to buy a few things like avocados which don't grow easily in our part of the country. Josie always checks the deli to see if they have any vegan pizza, even though they stopped selling vegan pizza by the slice a while ago. She was pleasantly surprised to see one! Apparently, our co-op just started stocking Miyoko's Kitchen products. They have exactly five slices left so we snatched them up and took them home so the entire family could try it. All the thumbs up! We all liked the texture, I appreciated the cheesy taste was not as salty as Daiya shreds, and we all liked that the cheese was a condiment and not the main event. Our one complaint about the vegan pizza, when the co-op did offer them by the slice, was they completely overdid the Daiya. We happily bought some Miyoko's Fresh VeganMozz to make our own pizzas at home.
A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That Burritos
For dinner, I roasted some sweet potatoes and white potatoes, bakes some tofu, quinoa in the Instant Pot, cooked up some pinto and black beans with the usual spices/onion/garlic, Rob made guacamole with Josie, and used some salad mix and tomatoes from the farmers' market. Some of us put it all on burritos, some of us made tacos, some of us might have had both. An easy early fall meal that everyone can sink their teeth into.

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