Monday, May 8, 2017

Giants, Human Flags, Dogs, Films, and Music

Our dog, Gracie, and our boarder, Blues.
Blues, the dog on the right, was a stay in Ecuador before finding a loving home here in the states with one of our neighbors. She still has ties to Ecuador and spends some of her summer down there, but we miss her when she's gone. Our greyhound, Gracie, also spent some time as a stay so we think they bond over that common street life and they both thoroughly appreciate how good they have it now. 
Josie working on "giants".
All three of my kids are pretty athletic (they get it from their dad), but people will stay say things about them being vegan and not getting enough protein. They usually get three servings of beans a day, plus nuts and seeds, and loads of veggies. It must be working because they are all energetic bundles of muscle. 
Josie working on her "human flag".
 Josie's dream is to be a therapist, she loves helping people with their problems, and she also wants to be on a show like American Ninja Warrior or Ultimate Beastmaster (thanks to Netflix for introducing her to this craziness, I miss the days she was into cooking shows). I walked in the other day to her pulling herself up to be perpendicular to the stairs to make a "human flag". She can actually hold it for a second, but not long enough for me to snap a picture and tell her she probably shouldn't do something like this at home. I told her to save stunts for the gymnastics gym.
Black congo pepper jelly on sourdough bread.
Our vegan friend, Amelia, is back in the area and she stopped by to pick up some pots for her houseplants. It was great to catch up a bit and she gave us some homemade black congo pepper jelly. This stuff is amazing and now it is gone. She is an amazing cook and we really want her to open up a vegan restaurant or at least sell her jelly. Spicy and a bit sweet is my favorite combo.
Josie at the 2017 Annual Feminist Film Festival.
 Last year was Josie's first feminist film festival and now she wouldn't miss it. The boys were going to come too, but Josie wanted it to be a girl thing. Last year, a short film she starred in was on the list of films, Grace's World. This year, one of the films was Fast Rodney, Who Was on His Way Out...a film with Parker cast and Dema, Josie, and I as extras. Fast Rodney won two awards at the festival and all the short films were great!
Dema carrying Josie par of the way downtown.
 We haven't had a lot of family time lately with Rob and Dema sailing, Parker busy with his friends, classes at our local community college, and his projects, and Josie at gymnastics. Our friend, Ryan, was singing downtown at a local bar/restaurant and it was a rare time to see him at an all ages venue so we walked downtown together, ate vegan sliders, and enjoyed Ryan's music and his family.
Dema was just joking in the first picture, carrying Josie is easy for him. I certainly can't carry her anymore.
Josie giving Ryan's daughter a high five.
 My kids adore Ryan's kids and they had a great time hanging with them while we listened to their dad.
Ryan, from Elsinore, singing some "old" favorites and new songs  that will be on their next LP.
Sweet senior boarders, Charo and Velma.
We couldn't stay out late since we had the dogs to take care of, but we needed to get some sleep anyway and we love having these sweet seniors stay at our house.

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