Thursday, April 27, 2017

Weekend Fun - Sailing, Dancing, and Film

Rob bought a sailboat on the east coast and he is finalizing everything, fixing some things, and getting it put in the water. Then Rob, Dema, and our friend, Wade, are sailing the boat from Annapolis, MD to a dock south of Virginia Beach, VA. This will be Dema's first time sailing in a larger body of water.  He has been sending me pictures of their pre-sailing adventures, DC area food, time with our friends Dave and Loretta who live in Maryland now, and of course pics of the boat. I'll share them in another post.
Dema and Rob heading out to Maryland.
While Rob and Dema were driving to Maryland, we were back home keeping very busy.  Parker had planning and filming*, Josie and I watched the annual marathon that goes by our house (we're at mile 15) and caught up with neighbors, later in the afternoon Josie and I attended our local March for Science (so sad this is needed!) while Parker went off to dinner/a show at Krannert/and a formal dance with our local high school homeschooling community. After the march, Josie and I went out to eat with our neighbors (who were also at the march) downtown to our new favorite Indian restaurant.
Parker before he headed into the restaurant for the Homeschool Formal and Fun.
*Parker had another 48 hour film shoot and this time it was for the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge. There is a great group in town called Prompting Theater and they are a group of about 24 core actors with developmental disabilities. Parker was so happy to be able to work with them on this national film challenge. This is on of my favorite projects Parker has ever been a part of and I hope he has a chance to work with these delightful actors again.

Check it out and share to everyone! Prompting Theater created a film in 55 hours for a competition sponsored by the Easterseals! The Easterseals Disability Film Challenge www.Disability let's have everyone see the work the troupe is doing! The film that has the most views and shares (from YouTube, Facebook using @DisabilityFilmChallenge, Twitter using #DisabilityFilmChallenge, and Instagram using #DisabilityFilmChallenge) will win the promotional challenge (or judging will allow for winners in best picture, best directing, and best acting). Movie that win will get screened at The Chinese Theater in LA (Hollywood during the big Hollyshorts film festival). Enjoy! And share!!!

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