Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Messenger - Short Film - Josie

Josie had such a good time on this shoot! Some of her favorite local actors were involved, like Kyle who played her dad in Grace's World. She really loved getting to know her mom in Messenger,  Renee. She new to the area, but has a lot of acting experience. Between Renee, Kyle, and Jace, Josie was in heaven learning all sorts of things from them (some acting related and some not).

This is the first short film Josie has acting in that made me want to create a t-shirt for it. They had so many cast sayings by the end of the day. A good natured "Do better!" would definitely be included on a shirt. Josie really prefers to act with adults. She told me this after the Messenger shoot. She was totally treated with complete respect from the director, the actors, and crew. They included her in political to religious to acting discussions and while she did start showing her age with some gymnastics moves during the down time, they were all wonderful with her. She learned a lot about acting without words from Kyle in this short and she didn't mind at all the violent scenes since she knows they are all really friends. Arielle, the director, is graduating soon and I know she'll go on to do great things!

This film is a little longer than most of the short films we've been involved with and it has violence, offensive language, and blood. So view with your own discretion. We had a full apartment with a retired Marine and his wife (they have several dogs so we shared pictures of the canines in our lives), who was there to consult on the fight scenes and about the guns, me, and cast/crew. This meant for several hours I was crouched down in the kitchen with the film equipment, etc. trying to stay out of the scene. It was a long day of work, but so much fun. As soon as we left that evening, Josie turned to me and said "When can I do another film?!"

Behind the scenes:
This was Josie's first movie with prop guns and she's never seen a real gun in person so it was pretty interesting for her.
This was my view most of the day from behind the kitchen counter. 
The discomforts I endure for my kids to pursue their passions. I brought a book, but never got a chance to read it because I like watching all the behind the scenes and during the scenes action. I also had to move from time to time because my legs would fall asleep.
Josie was a trouper about being tied up and they were super nice about making sure she was comfortable.
We were joking about how many of Josie's short films have required her to be in pajamas.

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