Friday, March 10, 2017

Neighbor Salad, Real Life Meals, and Fur Friends

I haven't talked as much about our wonderful neighbors lately because I'm trying to let go. We are contemplating a move and I've had to say so many goodbyes to so many wonderful friends here over the years, it is somewhat heartbreaking to think of saying more. Some days our neighbors just get us and I have to share. Vicky and Greg, quite often, make huge salads and text me asking if we want some too. It is so incredibly thoughtful, sweet, and appreciated. Want some? Of course, we do!
"Want some?"
Also, our neighbors, Abigail and Aaron loaned us two desk lamps the other evening no questions asked. Two local directors were shooting a promo at our house with Parker and we don't have any desk lamps. I knew one of our neighbors would come through. Deborah and Scott loaned Parker their Roomba for the short film he was in for the 48 Hour Film Project. No questions asked. We have sweet, awesome neighbors.

Josie has 12 hours of gymnastics per week, all three kids have 2 hours of swim conditioning a week, Parker has an hour of advanced hip hop and an hour of Zumba a week, Parker has rehearsals for two shows (one musical at a local private high school Monday - Friday and homeschool Shakespeare group once a week), Parker has bass lessons, Dema has Class Act rehearsal once a week, Parker has three weekly Dungeon's and Dragons groups (one that he hosts and DM's at our house and Dema also participates in this group), Parker takes classes twice a week at our local community college, and they do homeschooling lessons, hang out with friends and family, sleep. With all of this going on in our lives, I've given myself a break on making everything from scratch, but we can't skimp on nutrition so I still pile on the veggies and we always have lots of fresh and dried fruit around for a quick snack. How can one keep the veggies, grain, legumes from getting boring? Sauces. The kids can tell a bottled sauce a mile away, but I've found a couple that aren't completely disappointing for them. I found a package of Beyond Chicken in the back of the freezer (the kids are not huge fans of Beyond Meat products, but the "chicken" one is not too bad), peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, brown rice, served with a General Tso's sauce and I have an almost instant meal.

Dog House:
When we have canine boarders for a more than a couple days, they start to feel like part of the family. We've taken care of Bodie for a couple weeks at a time twice now and he settles in so well and loves the kids. He is also one of the few dogs we care for who really missed Rob when he's gone. It is really sweet!
Bodie and Josie


Cadry said...

That's wonderful that you have such close relationships with your neighbors. I've rarely experienced that kind of thing where your neighbors were really your friends too. It sounds so nice! I'm keeping my fingers crossed about your possible move! Hopefully you'll find that kind of camaraderie in your next home.

VeganLinda said...

The people and the dogs are what keeps us here, but my husband needs the ocean and with the state of politics in the US it might be time to look seriously into other countries.