Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday Brunch at Dancing Dog

One of the hardest things for me when we moved back to the Midwest college town from the DC area was the lack of vegan breakfast/brunch options. We basically had nothing unless we wanted to travel 45 minutes. So we started making brunch for friends many weekends and all was well. Then we all got busy, many friends moved away, and we stopped having people over. So brunch isn't on our radar much these days. I've been wanting to indulge in Sunday brunch at our only full-time vegan restaurant, Dancing Dog, but Rob isn't usually up for it. Rob's in North Carolina for his dad's birthday, so I decided to take the kids to brunch.
Breakfast Nachos 
Breakfast nachos are genius. Roasted potatoes are so much better than chips, in my opinion. While these nachos aren't an eat with your hand type dish like "normal" nachos, I enjoyed them better. We all shared the nachos like an appetizer and the "cheese" sauce tasted a bit like tahini which I also prefer to vegan cheese. Everyone was very satisfied with this dish and they were practically licking their plates.
When we made a benedict at home, we usually add greens. I missed the greens and the holidays sauce was a bit too "mustard" tasting for all of us, but Parker and I still thoroughly enjoyed the whole wheat English muffin, breaded tofu, and vegan sausage with more roasted potatoes. 
Vicken and Waffles
Josie had a hard time deciding what to order, but she and Dema went for the Vicken and Waffles with maple syrup and cinnamon butter. The cinnamon butter seamed unnecessary and went to waste, while they could have used more syrup. Dema loved the Vicken and the waffles, but Josie could only eat one Vicken and gave the other to Parker. I don't think the Vicken is made in house, but I don't know what brand it could be since it doesn't look like anything I've seen locally in stores like Gardein. It was sort of hard for the kids to eat, but they enjoyed it and would order it again. I didn't try a bite, but it was fun to find a vegan version of this popular brunch dish.

While I feel like we've spent way too much money lately eating out with our trip to Wisconsin and North Carolina, I do want to support local eateries more this year. I appreciate the options we have and especially with new restaurants opening with absolutely nothing vegan on their menu, I would to make sure the vegan and vegan-friendly places stay in business.

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