Saturday, January 14, 2017

Restaurant Review - Kohinoor Indian Restaurant and Lounge

The restaurant business is a brutal one and consumers are fickle. Our modest college town has not been kind to Indian restaurants in particular. It seems like we find a good Indian restaurant and then a year later it is gone. Several of our favorites have come and gone in the last 17 years we've lived here, but to be honest, none of them could compare to the Indian restaurants in Chicago or DC so we didn't frequent them often. Most of the restaurants in town serve Northern Indian food, which can be harder to find veg options. One such restaurant opened recently just a a couple blocks from Rob's office. We weren't in a hurry to try it since we expected much of the same. Then Rob's coworker came back from India and they decided to try it for lunch. They both enjoyed it quite a bit so I was curious too.

Yesterday I joined Rob downtown for lunch without the kids. One of the things I'm trying to be more mindful of this year is finding time to be a couple. This is quite hard for me since I really like having the kids around, but they can make it difficult to talk and connect as a couple. The kids each get a private lunch with Rob once a month too so everyone gets some special time.

The new restaurant is called Kohinoor and Rob's coworker/friend/lunch buddy from India explained that is the name of a diamond England stole from India. This made me like the restaurant even more. 
Shared Veg. Combo Platter appetizer, includes samosa, aloo tikki, and mixed vegetable pakoras.
We decided to get an appetizer since we know the kids will want samosas when they come with us. We shared the veg combo platter and my favorite was the aloo tikki and then the samosa. They are served with three chutneys and they are all very good. I ordered the baingan aloo (eggplant and potato curry) and it was perfectly spiced and more tomato based than other baingan I've tried, but I was pleasantly surprised. Rob ordered channa aloo (chickpea and potato curry) and we shared, but I preferred my dish and he preferred his. We finished it all, but I could have easily eaten half and taken half home for dinner. Sometimes when I eat Indian, it can be so greasy I feel bad later, but this food was not at all greasy.
Baingan Aloo with rice.
The wait staff was extremely nice, our water was never empty (something I really appreciate in a restaurant), and food came out quickly. The building used to be a Latin American eatery and I had only been there once in the decade they were open, but it doesn't look like the new owners changed much. I like the bright yellow/orange walls, it makes it feel bright and clean. The food was much better than what I was expecting, the price for lunch downtown was excellent, the portions had me full enough to skip dinner last night, and I can't wait to take the entire family!

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