Friday, January 13, 2017

Help Ethan Episode Six, What (Else) I'm Watching, and Instant Pot Adventures - Tomato Soup

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Help Ethan Episode Six:

Besides watching my son, Parker, and other talented locals in Help Ethan, I have been binge watching  Call My Agent! on Netflix. I haven't spoken French in years so I have to put the English subtitles on, but it is totally worth "reading" this show. I really like all the actors, the premise, the quirkiness, and seeing an interesting often comical take on the agent side of the acting business. Let me know if you check it out, I'd like to hear what people think of it.
Rob came home from work and only had a few minutes before he was going to head out again to meet a friend for a drink at our neighborhood bar. I quickly threw tomato paste, diced tomatoes, water, sun-dried tomatoes, dried red lentils, Very Veggie Juice, chickpeas (cooked in the IP on a previous day), nutritional yeast, turmeric, black pepper, oregano, za'atar, parsley, and a little iodized salt to my Instant Pot. I pressure cooked it all for seven minutes, quick released the pressure, pureed it, and tomato soup in no time. I served it with bread from our local bakery and everyone gobbled it up while we discussed World War I (Dema's current homeschooling obsession), Josie's recent film shoot, and Parker's pediatric cardiologist appointment (it all went well, but please don't let ACA go away!*), and other things from our day before our neighbor friend came to walk to the bar with Rob.

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