Monday, January 30, 2017

Gymnastics Meet with Biscotti, a Short Film with Blood, and an Activist Snippet

So much going on in our part of the world right now with the new regime installed in the US government, it is hard to think about everyday things, but life goes one between protests and calling elected officials.


Josie attended a gymnastics meet in Indianapolis on Friday. Yes, meets sometimes start on Fridays to get everyone in. This means taking a day off school for many. We homeschool so not as much of issue for us. The boys stayed home and took care of the dogs and did the various activities they have on Fridays. Rob was traveling back from California so he couldn't come, but my sister was free and she even drove us since our car needs new tires. Not only did Karen drive, but she also made us some delicious vegan "Kitchen Sink" biscotti from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar.
Josie at "her tree" in the park next to our house. She was trying to calm her nerves.
Josie was not happy to attend Circle of Stars gymnastics meet this year. Last year it was her "worst meet". It was the only meet she didn't medal, it is one biggest meet she's ever attended, she doesn't like the floor routine setup (it is a long strip instead of a square), and with the hour time difference and travel time it takes longer. She doesn't have to go to every meet so we were going to skip this one, but after talking to her, we all decided it was better to face her fears.
Josie and Karen with their cheeks full of biscotti trying to smile for me.
It was so nice having Aunt Karen there. It took Josie's mind off her worries and I liked spending some quality time with my sister. I think this is the first meet Karen has been able to attend. The biscotti were full of nuts and dried fruit, but not too heavy or sweet so the perfect pre-competition treat! I think we'll have to make these for all our meets. Josie takes clementines, carrot and celery sticks, popcorn, and sometimes energy bars in her gym bag. She doesn't eat much before a meet because of nerves and this one didn't start until 5pm so that is a long day of eating small things like vegan yogurt and fruit. The meet (including awards) didn't end until 10pm Indy time so we didn't get to eat Ethiopian like we planned, but we did find a Taco Bell. Josie has only eaten from Taco Bell maybe once or twice in her life so it is kind of a treat. They are pretty vegan friendly. Rob and I used to have to stop their on trips 20 or so years ago because we didn't have as many vegan options as we have now. My sister is also vegan and she had never ordered vegan at Taco Bell so I showed her how. It wasn't the best dinner ever, but it allowed us to get on the road and Josie needed something savory. Next time I'll bake up some tofu or something in case the meet goes long.
Josie is on the far beam in the orange and blue leo.
Josie gets off music when she gets nervous, but she made it through and that was the goal.
Usually, vault is an easy 9. something for Josie, but she stayed in the 8's for this meet. All 8.5 and above which is what her personal goal was, but definitely not her best meet if you just look at the scores.

My favorite event for Josie right now is the bars. She excels in strength, but doesn't have the control and pretty details down during competition. It is mainly mental and she'll get there. I am a competitive sports convert after years of being skeptical. I was all about cooperative games when Parker was little and tried that with the other two, but Josie was born competitive (she might get that from her father). It worried me for a long time, but after seeing her (and Dema) in gymnastics (and swim and soccer, but especially gymnastics), I realize there are so many things it teaches. My kids have learned to get back up and try again and again, making goals and achieving them, how awesome it feels to be physically fit, how to support teammates, and how to face their fears. All life skills that will stick with them long after they are done with gymnastics.


Here is a short film Parker was an extra in November. It was the first time he was able to experience blood make-up for a film. I took a picture of his "gun shot wound", but the film was released recently so I was able finally able to see it. He had a lot of fun, but it is pretty gory/graphic. ***Not suitable for all audiences.***

Activist Snippets:

(Re)Watching West Wing on Netflix got me through the GW Bush era and listening to the Hunger Games trilogy on audio book is my theme for the Trump days.
Parker's friend, Josie, Parker, and Dema at our local Women's March
Coming together with others in our community to have our voices heard, is also getting me through these dark days. What gets you through?
Our little local airport overflowing with cars and people with signs denouncing the immigration ban.

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