Friday, January 20, 2017

Activist Snippets - Where Do We Go From Here?

Okay, here we go.

Those of us in the United States, this is a wake-up call. We can make this into a positive. Often we grow complacent when someone is in office who seems to care about the environment/health/rights of all.

Now we know where we stand. We can not expect the government to take care of things like climate change for us. We never could, but now it is heartbreakingly clear.

What can we do in our every day lives to work toward a better life for all? 

If you are reading this, you might already be doing something. You might be vegan or converting to veganism. Awesome first step!

A local friend of mine is doing a year of not buying anything new (food excluded, of course) or used. Nothing. She's done a year before. I've been thinking about that, it is a great goal.

We went years without a car, but in the past couple years we've gotten lazy. We are definitely working on walking/biking/bussing more this year.

Another goal for me personally is getting more involved in my community. I've stepped away from community in the last few years and I think community-building is more important than ever.

Art is extremely dear to me and I found out that I've been totally naive when it comes to supporting local or not well known musicians. I thought watching their videos on YouTube or listening on Spotify was support, but it turns out that doesn't actually make much of a different to the specific artists. I will support them through attending more concerts, buying their songs/merchandise through sites like Band Camp, and telling others about them. I used to be on the board and have my own show on a local radio station. I haven't supported local stations lately and need to get back to it. Art looks like it is going to take a big hit the next four years.

What are you doing? I'd love to hear how you all are getting through the next four years and beyond. How are you making a difference in your daily life? I need inspiration!

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