Sunday, December 25, 2016


Warmth was on my mind this week. All of the sudden we are experiencing unseasonable warmth that makes me strangely thankful and depressed. It makes me think even more about global climate change and the dark ages we are about to enter into in the United States due to our new climate destroying "leadership". Living in an old house, the warm weather in December is pleasant. Sigh.

Rob and Wade (our sailboat co-owner and neighbor) took advantage of the Midwestern thaw to go check on the sailboat. They waited too long to get the boat off the little lake we moor the boat on and it was frozen in. Josie wore her new Rumours' hat to help with the boat. We were at Rumours (a newish hat shop downtown) buying a new winter hat for Rob and the owner gifted the hat below to Josie. It was so sweet. The owner is just starting out in this business and we've been going there since she opened. I love sending people her way because she is awesome, the store is one of a kind in this area, I love the old building she has the shop in, and buy local! I hated to take something free, but she insisted and Josie hasn't taken the hat off since, even to sleep.
Josie with her new Rumours hat and a poster from The Search for Pizza short film on the wall in the background.
One of the families who immediately made us feel welcome when we moved into our old house a little over a decade ago, is the Smiths. They have been like relatives to our kids since day one, they attend most of their many performances, they are so incredibly generous and fun, and they bring warmth to our lives though their neighborly ways. I can't express how awesome they are and all we do in return is take care of their cat. Pippin's affection also warms our hearts so we even get the better end of that deal.
Our neighbor cat, Pippin, enjoying Dema's affection.
Josie wanted vegan whipped cream in a can for the holidays. I was going to put it in her stocking, but it needs to be refrigerated and she didn't want to wait to try some. This is rice milk based and she likes to make fun designs on her hot chocolate. Talk about warmth!
Vegan hot cocoa with Soyatoo rice whipped cream in Parker's homemade mug.
Many holidays are warmed by this little bundle of joy! We've been caring for Romeo so long, it feels like he is part of our family. We love him so much and his human family is completely awesome too!
Josie with our house guest, Romeo.

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