Friday, December 9, 2016

Vegan Donuts and Voting

For all of you living on a coast or in a big city, vegan donuts are probably ho hum, but here in our little college town, they are still a treat. We have a local pop-up donut food cart and they don't have vegan options often. The night before my birthday, I noticed they advertised an apple cider vegan donut for the next day. I put it out of my head until the morning when Rob and I were lamenting about the election.

We had started out so hopeful and happy. The kids have always been politically interested. I know I don't talk politics on the blog much, but the kids grew up going to protests and meetings of the activist flavor. As they get older, they have been great about searching for their own news sources and having their own views, but they are still our kids so they label themselves "progressive". Although, I'm pretty anti-labels these days so we'll just go with "compassion" is our politics. We care about all living sentient beings no matter what religion or skin color or gender and think love is love is love. You get it.

I also have lots of friends in the local green party and have voted green party for a variety of offices in a variety of elections. My kids know who Jill Stein is and they would bring her up regularly as their social groups would discuss the upcoming US presidential election. Not that they didn't also know a lot about Trump and Clinton, but most kids in their friend circles knew about them.

Josie was happy that I would be voting for a woman for president, after voting for a man in the primary. I was voting early with Josie by my side and the boys were busy at Macbeth rehearsal. I showed Josie that I had left president for last. She whispered in my ear (is it illegal to get voting pressure from one's nine year old?) in a desperate pleading voice, "Mom, please vote for Hilary, please! I know we live in a state where you could vote for Jill and Hillary will still win, but please vote for Hillary." I looked down at her sweet fear filled face and I voted my conscience.
We went as a family downtown to a local bar/restaurant to watch their TV (we don't own a TV that actual gets channels, it just streams internet) and eat some cheeseless veggie pizza and black bean burgers. We were starting to get excited about the first US female president being elected. Josie was going on about how the 45 president was going to be announced on my 45th birthday (the next day) and it would be a woman. How cool!

Then the kids started getting worried as the maps on the TV turned red. We were a lone island of blue  in a sea of red. Dread started to set in and we decided to head home. None of us could sleep until the wee hours of the morning and we knew the results were not what we had expected. Even less sleep then.
The morning of my 45th birthday was very solemn for all of us and the Dema (12) and Josie (9) were determined to move out of the country. I'm not a huge birthday person anyway, but I was trying to keep a positive attitude for the kids. Rob decided to head out to our local pop-up donut shop to grab a special treat for all of us. A cup of turmeric coffee and a vegan apple cider donut did give me the energy to tackle the day. It was unseasonably warm so we tackled some yard chores and it was great to be outside together with the kids and doing something productive. Then I dropped a huge board on my foot and a rusty nail went through the top of my shoe and into my foot. Things went downhill from there, but at least I had bit of sweetness on a pretty bitter day. This month has been a lesson in holding onto the little positives while still trying to affect change in our personal lives, our community, and our country.

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