Sunday, December 18, 2016

Miscellany - Things That Make Me Smile

I don't know about you, but I need to focus on the positives more. It is easy to see the doom and gloom and not appreciate the precious now. I'm going to post more about the every day moments the make me smile.

Dema made the hard decision to homeschool again this year after going to private school 4th - 6th grade. He met a lot of great people, teachers, parents, and kids. I hope he is able to keep in touch with some of them as Parker was able to do after his one year at public school (some of Parker's best friends are still the kids he met when he was in 6th grade and he's now a Junior in high school). We were surprised by a package of cards from some of his classmates. It was so touching and it made Dema miss them even more.
Cards from Dema's former classmates.
Dema and Josie fight quite a bit. They are so much alike that it can be hard to get along sometimes, but they are equally passionate about sticking up for each other and supporting each other. Siblings can be crazy. They both have become night owls since everyone is homeschooling so they don't have to wake up early. The other night they both stayed up late and fell asleep on the couch. This picture is how I see them, twins born 3.5 years apart.
Josie and Dema asleep on the couch downstairs after a long night of hanging out together.

I don't take a lot of time to sit down and read books these days, but I love to listen to books while I get other things done around the house. Right now Trevor Noah's book, Born a Crime is on my audiobook list. I'm about half-way through and it is entertaining, thought provoking, and having him read it in his voice adds so much to the experience. I put it on Parker's list of books to listen to for homeschooling. There are some tough parts to hear, profanity, and adult issues so I might wait to introduce it to my younger two.

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