Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Instant Pot Adventures - Coconut Almond Risotto - Parker Cooks

We can't have cats in the house because of our greyhound rescue, Gracie, and several of the other dogs we care for on a temp basis. So, Josie, and all the kids, love to take care of our neighbor's cat when they are gone. Even when they are home, the kids like to go over and visit. It is hard to believe when we first started taking care of Pippin years ago, he would barely come out from hiding and we could go several visits without seeing him. Now he is a super cuddly friend!

 Parker made this quick and east Coconut Almond Risotto in the Instant Pot yesterday. Dema was saying he wanted to bake something sweet and while he was busy looking through the cookbooks, Parker found this recipe online and started making it. Josie helped chop the almonds and it all came together quickly and easily. The dish is almost like a coconut oatmeal, but with the mouth feel of risotto. It was sweet, but didn't cause a sugar crash like most desserts I eat. Parker added four tablespoons of ground flaxseeds pot after it was done cooking. I sprinkled on some of our dark cocoa powder/cinnamon mixture I always keep handy. We all used the suggested garnishes of chopped almonds and coconut shreds and the kids all added some frozen blueberries to theirs. It was quite good, we usually have all the ingredients handy, and it was easy so I can see us making it from time to time. It was a great way to get Parker used to the Instant Pot.
Instant Pot Coconut Almond Risotto
Some years we celebrate solstice, sometimes Hanukkah, and sometimes Christmas. Some years we celebrate all three. This year I wasn't even going to put out any decorations. The days had just gotten away and it seemed to late to do anything much, but Josie really wanted a tree. Yesterday, Parker and I brought up a secondhand tree our sweet neighbors gave us one year and Josie had fun decorating it while I cleaned and occasionally helped reach up higher. It ended up being easy and fun with no stress at all. We are all enjoying it more than we expected. Dema and Josie bought some presents for the family and friends through a holiday shop that benefits a local non-profit called Crisis Nursery. This was their first year shopping at the holiday shops, but in past years Dema shopped for the family at a similar setup at his private school so I thought since he was homeschool this year and missed out on the shop at school we should check out the one for Crisis Nursery. The presents they bought there are already under the tree, but I have yet to wrap the presents I've bought...they may just get gift bags since I don't like the waste of wrapping paper.
Christmas Tree 2016

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