Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Class Act - Cabaret and We Are Monsters

We are fortunate in our small college town to have a thriving art scene. Local bands, diverse arts, and theater for days. One of the gems for children and adults is a short mile walk from our house in our downtown area, called Class Act. This is Dema's favorite place to be in town these days. This really says a lot since his OCD and anxiety have reached new heights. The one place he always wants to be and the people he wants to be with, Class Act.

Here is their cabaret performance from earlier this year. Skip to 22:30 to see his friend Alina sing Taylor the Latte Boy and see his rebuttal. I had never heard this song before and months later I have it in my head. So cute and funny!

Josie and Dema after the performance.
Henry and Dema have so much fun!
Dema's duet with his friend, Henry. It is pure Agony.

If you are in the mood for almost an hour of young theater with werewolves, monsters, and some adorable vegetarian vampires, check out Class Act's We Are Monsters. Dema plays a sweet werewolf, Furball, who apparently also likes to walk around in handstand.

Josie and Dema after the performance with Henry photobombing.
Josie, Rob, and our werewolf.

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