Monday, December 12, 2016

3.1415 Pies in 3.1415 Days - Parker Bakes

Do you ever buy things that aren't super perishable just because they are on sale or you want to have them around just in case? I buy pie crust this way. I know I rarely bake pies, but I buy the crusts and they seem to last much longer than they should so they sit around making me feel guilty for not baking pies.

I took two the pie crusts with us to North Carolina at Thanksgiving with the intention of baking some pumpkin pie, but my sister-in-law had already thoughtfully taken care of us on the food front by ordering an entire meal from Bean Vegan Cuisine.

So we brought the crusts back home and I asked Parker to bake some pies soon. He loves to cook so he was happy to use the crusts. He had intended to bake 3.1415 pies in 3.1415 days because he's geeky that way, but after two pies in two days we knew it was best to go a while without pie.
Mixed berry pie from the crust directions.
This was more of a tart and although Parker followed the recipe (only substituting arrowroot powder for corn starch) and refrigerated it longer than the recipe called for, it never set. No matter. You can't go wrong with a bunch of yummy fruit and a bit of sugar.
5-Minute Vegan Coconut Cream Pie

Parker found this recipe online for vegan coconut cream pie and he made a couple changes, but nothing note-worthy. The filling was too much so that made the .1415 part of the 3.1415 pies.
I love coconut so this was so good! Parker said it was easy and surprisingly it was his first solo experience with silken tofu. I know he helped make things when he was younger which called for silken tofu, but we don't use it often. I loved the texture of this pie and it was sweet, but not overly so and just the perfect amount of coconut goodness.

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