Monday, November 14, 2016

Parker Cooks - Tofu Scramble

Parker's Roasted Red Pepper Tofu Scramble and oven baked onion rings in a beautiful blue bowl made by Parker.

Parker (16) is cooking more and more lately. The kids all woke up later than usual this morning so Parker decided to cook brunch for us. He found some black salt I bought a while ago and never used so he had fun experimenting with that. From what I remember, he mashed up the tofu in a bowl while he heated the cast iron pan with some olive oil. I suggested he add the spices he wanted to the bowl before cooking the tofu. He added black salt, iodized sea salt, parsley, oregano, black pepper, yellow sprinkle, turmeric, garlic salt, and probably something else I didn't notice. He mixed it all up with his hands and added it to the cast iron pan while he cut up some roasted red peppers and lightly sautéed them in another pan. We didn't have any onions for him to add so we baked some frozen onion rings. His siblings barely left any for us. I like Parker's minimalistic approach. I tend to add as much as I can to my scrambles to get as much nutrients, but it can sometimes turn out heavy. This dish was fresh and light, but filling enough to keep us satisfied until dinner. I usually add hot sauce to scrambles, but his didn't need any other flavors. Parker said he would change a few things, but I thought it was perfect for this sleepy fall morning.

While he was cooking, we discussed the cooking show he's been thinking about. He's getting closer to making it a reality. I'll keep you all posted.

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