Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What We Did Over the Summer - Music Video

 I cannot even express how much fun this video was for all my kiddos. Several of their friends (adults and kids) were also involved. Elsinore has been one of their favorite local bands for years and Parker babysits for two of the band members' children. The director, John, was Dema's director for Listen and he is just amazing to work with. This video was shot at the end of summer vacation, but was just released yesterday. An old school friend of mine is also in the video so it was fun to catch up with him. Parker's girlfriend (at the time) and her sister are extras and they had a great time hanging out at the park, climbing trees, and laughing between takes. Enjoy!

Behind the scenes pics:
Dema, obviously, had very little experience with tennis prior to this video. One of the things I love about acting is learning new skills. All three kids have a desire to learn to play tennis now.

John getting some footage of Dema the ball boy. 
Emma (homeschooling friend), Josie having fun playing as things we set up. Parker getting into character as the cool famous ball boy. 
The tennis court where we filmed is at one of our favorite neighborhood parks, just about a mile from our house. Josie was so happy to play there again. 
Parker wasn't too cool to stay out of the trees.
From ball boy to tennis sensation. Dema thought the fizzy water was pretty cool until he took a drink. My kids aren't really into carbonation. They let him keep the shades and the trophy.

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