Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Food on the Go

Parker spends a lot of his time outside of the house. He has several families he babysits for on a regular basis, a girlfriend, dance class, pottery class, and other friends. He likes to play D and D or Magic the Gathering when he has time. We have a great gaming store that is just a few miles from our house and Parker will usually take food to eat while he's there. 
This is a normal snack/meal on the go for him. It is quick, fits well in the To-Go Ware. I baked the tofu earlier in the day, Josie roasted the green beans with a bit of olive oil, black pepper, and iodized sea salt, and Parker whipped up some vegan mac and cheese with white beans. It saves Parker money from eating out and he prefers this type of food to take out.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Scrambled Vegan Eggs

Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg scrambled "eggs".
Our local food co-op had a sale on Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg so I decided it was a great time to take this intriguing product for a spin.

It comes in a box that looks a bit like an small egg carton, but inside is a powder. You add a couple tablespoons of the powder to cold water and whisk. I decided scrambled would be our first experiment with this new product. I made the equivalent of two eggs and it was very easy to make and clean up, it didn't stick to our cast iron pan.

Parker (16) and Josie (8) who have never eaten eggs in their lives, but have eaten their share of tofu scrambles over the year, ate all of the Vegan Egg so I didn't get to try them. They were a little put off by the sulfur smell while we whisked the mixture, but they both gave the finished product high praise. I added kale and kalamata olives, along with some yellow sprinkle.
Equivalent of three Vegan Eggs scrambling in cast iron.
The next day, the kids asked for more and since Dema (12) didn't get any the first time, I made a bigger batch. Parker did most of the work and he added parsley and a bit of Daiya cheddar. Dema was not a fan, I think it was texture mainly, but Parker still liked scrambled Vegan Eggs even cold. I still didn't get to try them.

I think our next experiment will be French toast.