Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Our sweet neighbors wanted to go out of town with us during spring break, but I needed to take care of several dogs (over this one week, I will have five extra dogs at different times), Rob's work has been crazy busy and he's about to leave for a sailing trip in Florida soon, Dema started having full blown panic attacks (more on that in another post), Parker would rather stay in town to see his friends who attend public school and are on break this week, and Josie was bummed to not travel with Vicky and Greg due to our excuses. So I let Josie tag along with Parker and his homeschool buddies at the skating rink one evening, Vicky and Greg took them to a movie one afternoon and bouldering another afternoon. Josie also was able to play in the park a lot with the neighborhood kids since the weather for the first part of the week was beautiful. It hasn't been too bad of a time after all.
Josie doing the splits in one of her favorite Magnolia trees in our park.
Josie spends a good portion of her park time in the trees.
Josie doesn't skate often, but she loves it and she was pretty good about leaving Parker and his girlfriend alone to skate together.
The teens even let Josie join in laser tag.
Josie was so happy our little friend Dory loves the window seat. She only spent one night with us, but she is loads of energy and fun.
Josie helps me brush the dogs who stay with us. Lara is waiting her turn as her play pal, Lola, enjoys some belly grooming.
The dogs all want to be together and with us, but they also like their own space. You can just see Lara in the background on the couch, Romeo likes to hang out near his cage when he isn't snuggling with us, Lola loves to spread out on the floor, while Gracie is cuddled up on her dog bed just out of the picture to the right.
Dema rocking the new bouldering gym.

You can take the kid out of the gymnastics gym, but you can't take the gymnastics out of the kid. All three of my children can't resist climbing ropes and gymnastics rings.

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