Saturday, March 12, 2016

Nacho Nostalgia

Dema was perusing Isa Does It and noticed Nachos Night. He dropped not so subtle hints about this being a great idea. I decided it would be an easy dinner for everyone to make the way they like them and we still had some black beans left (I didn't follow her recipe at all, but I would like to sometime...she makes nachos with brown lentils).
Red corn chips, black beans with red onion, garlic, red and orange bell peppers, kale, turmeric, black pepper, and chipotle peppers, roasted potatoes with turmeric, black pepper, nutritional yeast, iodized salt, and olive oil, sliced kalamata olives, salsa, and tahini sauce.
Nachos isn't something we eat often in our house, but it is something Rob and I used to eat two decades ago prior to having kids. We devoured a lot of vegan nachos at Food for Thought* in Washington DC while discussing politics, life, and love. This was in the dark ages before Daiya and so many other vegan cheeses were invented. Vegan cheese that tasted good and would melt was the stuff of dreams, but Food for Thought made a tahini sauce that made you wonder why people ever used cheese for nachos (vegan or not). Their nachos were loaded and almost as addictive as their vegan lasagna. I haven't had Food for Thought nachos for years, but I decided to use Rob's tahini sauce on our nachos (the kids can have their Daiya) and it took me back to my early vegan years and to some of my favorite vegan restaurant memories. Still addictive and fun to eat after all this time.

*Food for Thought is long gone, sadly, but some of the food is still served at Black Cat


Cadry said...

What a great idea to use tahini for cheese sauce! These days, I always go for a cashew sauce. (Daiya doesn't do it for me either.) But tahini would be a fun change of pace. There's a restaurant in the Orlando area that uses a peanut butter-based sauce that's very good. I've been meaning to play around with that idea for a while too. No reason that cashews have to get all the love! :)

VeganLinda said...

I had forgotten how good tahini sauce is on nachos, but we would eat it on almost anything :-)