Monday, March 7, 2016

Last Minute Lunches

When I'm packing lunch for the kids, I try to pay attention to nutrition, but also ease of eating and something that travels well, and of course, something they enjoy eating. I know I packed a good lunch that day when there is nothing left over. I don't like packing lunches the night before and the mornings are usually me up before the rest of the family. Since we only have one child outside of homeschool, the other two sleep in a bit later. I like to let Dema sleep as long as possible and I like the quietness of the kitchen without anyone else around. This means I am often getting lunches together last minute.

I have some pictures of school lunches for my sixth grader and some homeschool co-op lunches for my sophomore in high school. They have very different tastes and the environment in which they are eating lunch is very different. They both need to take into consideration various allergies of their friends. No nuts is very important for the safety of the children around them.

Dema, my sixth grader, has a finite time to eat and he is always in a rush to get outside for recess with his friends. I have to pack foods to be bite sized for quicker consumption. Dema comes home and immediately needs more food, but if I pack more in his lunch, he doesn't have time to eat it. He's gone to school since 4th grade and I have the balance of food down for him.
Homemade baked tofu with greens and chipotle Vegenaise on our local bakery's rye bread, organic carrots, organic green grapes, and organic strawberries, with dark chocolate chips and dried organic barberries.
Organic apple, prepackaged raspberry fig bar, organic strawberries, Field Roast deli slices with organic spinach and chipotle Vegenaise on our local bakery's rye bread, dark chocolate chips with dried organic barberries.
Organic pink lady apple, organic green grapes, organic strawberries, organic carrots, sunbutter and raspberry fruit spread on our local bakery's rye bread, and dark chocolate chips with organic dried barberries.
Parker, my sophomore has a more relaxed time frame to eat at his weekly homeschool co-op. He tends to eat a lot during meals, but he's not a snacker in between. Parker loves savory foods so he often takes some of dinner from the night before.
Leftover brown rice, organic peas and carrots microwaved that morning, and Gardein Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick'n
Field Roast deli slices, melted Chao Coconut Herb cheese slice, chipotle Vegenaise, organic spinach on our local bakery's rye bread, dark chocolate chips with organic dried barberries, organic strawberries, brown rice and aloo gobi from last night's dinner, and a few pieces of Peelu gum.

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