Friday, March 4, 2016

Everything Tastes Better in Homemade Pottery

Parker, my sixteen year old, has been working on mugs lately. I love using his bowls everyday for food and storing things, but he's still working on handles. He wanted to make a mug for his girlfriend, but these didn't make the cut. His mistakes are our gain! I really like the blue and green swirled together and while the size is more like teacups, I can tell he's getting better.
Parker's latest set of mugs and a bowl.


Cadry said...

So impressive! Handles are surprisingly tough. Before making pottery myself, I had no idea!

VeganLinda said...

Thanks, Cadry! He really loves pottery and doesn't get frustrated when things don't work out. I don't have the patience. We saw some hand warmer mugs recently and I don't know if that is easier or harder than traditional handles.