Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Baby Weight - 48 Hour Film Project

Our local filmmakers participate in the 48 Hour Film Project annually. It is like a "hack day" for filmmakers. They are given a prop, a character, and a line they have to include in their film and 48 hours in which to make their short flick. 

Parker was contacted the evening the filmmakers were given their instructions and a filmmaker we haven't worked with before asked if he would be available the next day for a short shoot. They ended up not needing him, but Josie was called in by another director just a couple hours before they needed her. Number one rule for acting (or being a parent of children who act), be flexible. Number two rule, always have clothes on hand that don't have logos, big prints, bright colors, stripes or black/white. Rule number three, shooting will always take longer than they anticipate so return to rule number one.

Please take the film as humor and some language may not be acceptable in all households or workplaces. No babies or children were harmed in the making of this film. (All the films were viewed last night and the audience overwhelmingly voted for Baby Weight. Congratulations to the director and producers!)

It was a beautiful spring day in February, which really made shooting outside quite enjoyable. (Today, just a few days later, the town is shut down for a blizzard.)
 It was a bit windy though.

Josie pretending to be a zombie in between takes.
Josie had a great time working with the actresses and the director and his parents. Everyone was fun to work with, I got to take care of a six week old baby, Josie got to experience film fighting complete with bruise and cut makeup, and they happened to have almond milk available and cookies. 
Josie hugging our weekend boarder, Romeo, after a full day of work.
I've decided to take some of what I learned from this project and apply it to homeschooling. It is easy sometimes to start projects and not finish them or have an interest, but never completely follow your interests because of all the excuses humans use. I love the idea of a time limit and a few prompts to get creative juices flowing.


Cadry's Kitchen said...

Josie did such a great job!! She's a natural on camera. That's really fun that your family is so involved.

VeganLinda said...

Thanks! We are lucky to have a thriving art scene in our little college town. She was so happy to be able to eat the vegan Girl Scout cookies and almond milk. All the directors the kids have worked with have been great about their veganism.