Friday, February 19, 2016

An Apple a Day

My crew eats a lot of apples, like a crazy amount of apples. Several apples a day multiplied by three kids means we are buying organic apples each time we go to a store. This usually just barely keeps us in apples, but this week the kids were going through a berry kick and we overbought on apples. This morning I noticed some of the apples were starting to look a little sad so I made applesauce.
Applesauce is such an easy, fragrant (cook up some apples and see everyone come running to the kitchen), and tasty way to go through apples. I just peel (sometimes I don't even peel) and slice (usually Josie is my apple slicer), heat them up with a little lemon juice and molasses. This time I added dried organic barberries* to the pot and ground flax seeds sprinkled on top before eating.


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