Saturday, December 5, 2015

Our Town As You Like It

A few weeks ago Parker was Sam Craig in Our Town. This is his second play with this group of homeschoolers and this particular director (one of the moms). The first was As You Like It and Parker played Jacques, complete with a solo song. It might be my favorite role of his to date.
Parker in character as the melancholy Jacques with two of his favorite homeschool friends and fellow actors.
Both productions were amazingly professional for a teen aged cast. All the kids put in a lot of hard work and they have fun while taking theater seriously. The director knows just the right balance of trust in the the kids as people and actors while giving them direction and rules. For Our Town, Parker was able to also work on the lighting crew. He loves to learn the behind the scenes ropes and he likes the added responsibility.
I don't have pictures from the play, but here is a picture of Parker and his friend, Connor, after their last performance. They have done several park district plays together too. Acting is always more fun with friends.

The performances are free, donations are encouraged, and there is no real cost for participating. I am so incredibly thankful for the World Stage Homeschool Theater Company. So many fabulous fun opportunities for the kids.

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