Monday, December 21, 2015

Frozen Vegan Pizza - American Flatbread Vegan Harvest

With school out for the holidays, we have a friend hanging out with us today and tomorrow while her father is at work. I was at her birth and it makes me feel a little old now that a decade has passed. She's obviously known us for a while, but just recently she's been asking a lot of questions about veganism. She is very concerned about the environment and she loves animals so veganism is going to be something that strikes a cord with her. Today for lunch, I was busy getting ready for our family solstice celebration so I grabbed a couple American Flatbread Vegan Harvest pizzas from the freezer.

Our guest loved the pizza and said it was so much better than dairy cheese pizza, which makes her feel bad after eating it. She ate almost an entire pizza on her own. Then I realized I have never blogged about these pizzas so hear you go. They are our go-to pizza for to-go lunches because they don't have toppings to fall off and they taste just as good cold as hot. Just the right amount of Daiya cheese and spices and the pizza sauce is more zesty than sweet. I don't think they sell them locally, but I buy a case when they are on sale from our buying club. Great convenience food to have in the freezer when things get hectic. They aren't a vegan company, but I appreciate that they offer a vegan option.

Miscellaneous Ramblings:

I expected acting to teach the kids confidence, public speaking skills, and increase the amount of time they are able to use their imagination since we so quickly want children to live in the "real world" these days. Acting has taught them so many more things than I even counted on and many of them are helpful life skills. As much as I love what acting teaches the kids, sometimes it comes back to bite me.

Dema learned to whistle for his role of Louis in The King and I. Due to his OCD tics, whistling is pretty much non-stop in our house now. Loud whistling. At least it is usually a happy tune.

Josie learned to flick a bic for Grace's World. Not a bad skill to have, but since we only have old fashioned matches or the long neck lighters in the house and rarely use them, she never learned to use a bic type lighter before. Now she wants to light candles all the time with her new skill.

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