Saturday, December 19, 2015

Daiya Has Done It Again

Josie enjoying her Daiya blueberry Greek yogurt.
Since Whole Soy closed down earlier this year, we have been pretty much yogurt-less. Even with yogurt being a once in a while treat in our house, the hole left by Whole Soy was felt. When one door closes, a new vegan product opens a window. Enter Daiya yogurt. Darn it if Daiya hasn't done it again. They make a great mac and cheese option, their shredded vegan cheese can't be beat, and now their Greek yogurt is better than any other yogurt we've tried. The texture is divine, thick and creamy. Some yogurts can feel watery, but not this one. It is decadent without being ultra sweet. All three of my kids love the blueberry and strawberry (we add ground flax seeds and more fruit). We haven't found these locally (we had to order them through our buying club) so we have only tried the two flavors, but I trust the peach and black cherry are equally delicious.

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