Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Power of Social Media, When I'm Hungry

We only have two vegan restaurants in our little college town. This is somewhat disappointing in this day and age, especially since college towns tend to have more veg options. Still, it is better than twenty years ago so I won't complain. We visited one the oldest veg restaurant in our area, The Red Herring. This place is non-profit and run by students at the university. The hours fluctuate from year to year and so does the food, but over the last couple years they have made a big effort to have hours in the evening, weekends, and even during the summer. The Red Herring will always have a special place in my heart. We weren't even thinking of going out to eat on this particular evening, but a picture of deep dish pizza, salad, and watermelon came up in my Facebook feed and I knew I had to get the family together to go. Poor Parker was busy and missed out.
We orded a big bowl of tomato bisque for the table. Josie and Dema almost ate it all.
Josie getting ready to eat her gluten-free pizza, salad, and watermelon.
According to FB, the pizza had a wheat-free garbanzo flour crust, local veggies (peppers, tomatillos, zucchini, and onion), olives, vegan cheese, and tomato sauce made with local tomatoes. Caesar salad made with vegan dressing (which was so yummy even Dema ate his salad), garlic cornbread croutons and farmer's market watermelon. Dinner was tasty, nutritious, and not too heavy. Exactly what I was looking for on this late summer evening.
Dema said the dessert was number one. He talked about it for days.
The dessert was also big enough to share half with his sister.
Since my pictures ended up pretty blurry, I've added the picture from FB which lured me out for dinner.
Dinner picture from The Red Herring FaceBook page.

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