Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rain and Window Seats - Misc. Musing

Do you ever have days when the sun is shining and it beautiful outside, but you would prefer rain? Dema has some sort of cough. He doesn't feel awful, but it is keeping him up at night and he's run down and he sounds like a seal. He stayed home from school today to catch up on sleep and he looked at me from the couch and said, "I wish it would rain."

I totally get those days when my insides don't match with the outside weather. I really like rain.

Not the first time I've posted this song to the blog. Hmmmm.

I somewhat recently had a health scare of sorts and sadly it motivates me in a way. I've always worked better on a deadline, really stressful times tend to be times when I live up to my potential...unhealthy.

I'm really trying to be inspired by positives. Motivated by joy. Working without a deadline. Living in the moment.

The only time I feel like I lived my life even close to this philosophy is when Parker was born and before Dema (four years and even then, definitely not every minute of that time).

You can kind of get the feeling of my inside from my house. I have at least twelve projects going on at a time and I can't bring myself to finish any of them. I've sort of finished one and it is being used. A small victory.

This built in window seat had a fake leather cushion stuck to the top for years. I'm sure it looked nice when they bought it, but by the time we moved in, it was hideous. It collected dirt and looked awful. This area gets a lot of sun and the material had melted over the years and suck to the wood. One day, several years ago, I just tore it of like a bad band aid, but it left this awful sticky mess. As we had people work on different parts of the house, I asked what I could do to refinish the bench. They all looked at me like it would be a lot of work and harmful chemicals. I ignored it since it wasn't space we needed. Then I talked to my neighbor, Vicky, DIY extraordinaire that she is and she suggested the soy based paint stripper we had used to get the paint off all the beautiful wood in the house. I didn't think the sticky mess was paint, but as she looked at the mess, she thought it was worth a try. It worked. Yes it took days and I lost count how many times I scraped the gunk off and reapplied the stripper, but it really wasn't that hard. Things are harder in my head, which leads to my lifelong friend, procrastination.
Now it is one of Josie's favorite places in the house. I'm still playing with the space on how to use it best. I have curtains in front of it and have used several different pillow combos, but I love changing this once eye-sore and dirt trap into a functional happy space for my family.
Now if it would only rain so I could curl up there and read a book. Yes, that is what I need. A rainy day. I'll put everything off until then.

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