Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dresser Do-Over - Crushing on Community

I asked one of our generous neighbors, Vicky and Greg, if they had a dresser they weren't using. We have been trying to minimize things in our lives and this includes clothes. Josie has more clothes than the rest of the family added together (thanks to more generous friends!), but we are still slowly shrinking her staff down to something reasonable. She had a beautiful dresser (we bought from another neighbor friend when they left the area), but it wasn't meeting her needs well. It was too deep and long so it took up lots of space and didn't allow her to see all her clothes at a glance. We have more friends moving from our neighborhood (don't get me started on the topic of loosing more neighbor friends) to Colorado and they could use the original dresser. I am so happy to pass it along to Gita and family because it was well loved by our previous neighbors, Katie and Ian. I feel like it will have an even better home and stay in the 'hood family.

So, the fabulous Vicky said she did have a dresser at her father's house
which was sitting around unused. Bingo! Josie took a look and was happy to take it off their hands. Well, not so quickly. Vicky and Greg then proceeded to give the dresser a complete make-over and they included Josie in most of the process. She went to the hardware store with them to pick out paint colors, she picked out special order pulls, she helped paint, drill holes, screw in pulls, etc. How fun at seven to be able to work on such a project! Greg and Vicky said she was a natural, but I know they put a lot more work than they should have into the dresser.

Now she has a perfect sized dresser for her needs, a piece of furniture she loves to look at, and memories to last a lifetime. We are so fortunate to have such talented, generous, and sweet neighbors!


Cadry's Kitchen said...

How cute! The dresser looks great, and that's really fun that Josie was involved in the process. That makes it even more special.

VeganLinda said...

The things the kids do with our handy neighbors makes me want to learn to work with my hands more.