Sunday, September 27, 2015

Downtown Farmers' Market

We have a new farmers' market in our town. There is pretty much a market once a day in some local location, but this one is my favorite right now. We aren't in any CSA's this year and we can't make it to the crazy big and busy Saturday market near our food co-op so Tuesdays from 4-7 downtown is the day for us.
Josie, Dema, and Parker enjoying different flavored teas from Boneyard Coffee and Tea at the downtown farmers' market.
 The farmers' market happens to be right outside the office building where Rob works now. He has worked from home for years, but now he is working for a start-up company out of California and they decided to rent some space downtown. Rob walks to work most days and on Tuesdays he comes down to join us for a bit at the market.
Josie has her Aristocats shirt on from a play she was in and one of Parker's friends is painting her face to look like a cat.
A couple of Parker's homeschooling friends face paint, at the market, for a donation. Josie gets her face painting every chance she gets and pays them with her own money. We also buy veggies and the last week we bought bread and apple butter. Dema loves finding vegan baked goods at any place so he respectfully questions all the vendors and always finds something.
Sunbutter and farmer's market apple butter on farmer's market sourdough bread, hummus and greens on sun dried tomato wrap, a square of fair trade organic vegan chocolate, organic red grapes, baked tofu squares, whole wheat tortilla quesadilla with leftover black bean soup and Daiya cheese.

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