Friday, September 4, 2015

Cancer Sucks

We lost a friend this week to cancer and several friends are living with cancer and my mom died of cancer and my husband's mom died of cancer. I really cannot even put into words how much I hate and fear this disease.

I know there are awful things going on all over the world. Little child bodies swept up on the shore. Ebola taking lives in horrific ways. Wild fires, droughts, famine, many, many sad and terrifying events daily. Most of the time, I am lucky. I am lucky because these are things happening in other places to other people. My heart goes out to them and my thoughts are with them. I even cry from time to time listening to the radio news, reading a news story, or viewing a picture of the everyday tragedies. Even the events closer to home, but just as horrifying. People being shot based on the color of their skin by people who are supposed to protect them. Poverty, inequality, desperation, and I feel the rage, the disgust, and the need for change. I care. But, I am safe. My family is safe. Most of my friends are safe.

Except when they're not.

Cancer sucks, f*@% cancer.

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