Sunday, August 30, 2015

Walking Down Memory Lane

Dema on his first day of 6th grade.
Dema showing off his new PlanetBox backpack. Review coming soon.
Dema started sixth grade this year and even though this is his third year in private school, it takes me back to the one year Parker spent in public school. I have fond memories of walking to and from school with Parker (and often one or two of his friends) each day of his sixth grade year. That was also one of the best years of homeschooling for Dema. We were still car-free back then and the walk too and from school was the only one-on-one time Parker and I had during the day and it was precious. Now, I am determined to make walking a part of my routine with Dema this year. So far, it has been really great for both of us. We have our dog, Gracie, with us some of the time so it is good for her too. Dema gets a non-rushed completely focused time to chat about whatever is on his mind, and boy does he have a lot going on in there!
Dema walking on the brick wall on the way home from school.
So nice to take some time to unwind after a long day.
Rob works some days in an office a few blocks from Dema's school. This is a nice change from Rob working at home full-time. So some morning I run into Rob walking the dog and Josie or heading into work as I walk back from dropping Dema off. Some days Rob walks to pick Dema up from school and spends the rest of the day working from home. One afternoon, Dema went to Rob's office to do homework before I picked him up. It is nice to have options and some really nice family time that I've missed since we bought a car. I love taking the slow lane when we can and getting out of the motorized boxes.
Meeting up with Rob, Josie, and Gracie one morning after dropping Dema off at school.

Parker's first day of public school and sixth grade.

Here is a post with Parker's last day of sixth grade and public school.

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