Friday, August 7, 2015

Someone - Audio Amusement

I'm not sure I delved into this book in the correct frame of mind. Pretty much everything about the book bothered me. I was listening while working on some house projects so maybe I'm not being fair. Obviously, a lot of people like it and I'm not used to giving bad reviews. Well, this isn't really a bad review, just bad timing. 

I found the book hard to listen to due to the content and the narration. First off, I listen to the book while falling asleep too and it was hard to find my place in the morning. Not the author's fault, but something to keep in mind if you are consuming the audio book version. Kate Reading used a very strange emphasis on every. single. sentence. A sentence about a girl falling down the stairs had the same intonation as the description of a man's suit.* Every sentence sounded like some sort of declaration. I really wasn't fond of her voices for the different characters either. To be fair, she had to speak with the main character's child "voice" and adult, which is probably hard to do. I'm not being a hater, I was trying to look through other books Ms. Reading has narrated so I could tell you I enjoyed something she has done, but I don't see any work I remember listening to, although her voice sounded oddly and annoyingly familiar. 

*What is up with all the deep description anyway? Most of it didn't seem to add to the story. The story jumped around a lot and it didn't need to, in my humble opinion. It was way to depressing for me right now. All the death, the main character works for a mortician at one point, and the long suffering father with the broody brother who doesn't live up to his potential. The ending, don't get me started on the ending. It just falls down the stairs, figuratively, and I was left thinking there is no point to life.

I'm sure in other circumstances I would have enjoyed the book more. Perhaps if I read it in print and I was in the mood for something deep and thought-provoking? I just picked it up at the library and didn't read anything about it. I'm not saying you shouldn't read it or listen to it, but be warned. For this middle aged mom with one dead parent feeling like life is pretty much going at a breakneck pace as it is and am trying to stay positive and not scared shitless about death (mine, my spouse's, my kids', my siblings', my remaining parent's), it was not a thumbs up.

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