Monday, August 31, 2015

Getting Off to a Lazy Start

Sixth grade school lunches look different for Dema than they did for Parker. Parker loved leftovers and he didn't attend a nut-free school. Dema can be particular about his lunches, he cares what other people think more than Parker ever did, and the foods he loves at home may not be best for lunch since they are not served hot. I also haven't really gotten into the swing of school yet and still feel very much in summer mode. Here's some of the lunches Dema's enjoyed so far. He eats every bit, even if he finishes it on the walk home from school or as he does his homework.
Chickpea salad with chipotle Vegenaise and mixed greens on sourdough bread, organic carrot sticks under organic red grapes, and black pepper Snapea Crisps.
Black pepper Snapea Crisps, sundried tomato wrap with hummus over organic red grapes, sunbather and fruit spread sandwich on sourdough bread.  
Organic apple slices, farmer's market strawberries, Gardein black bean burger with sauerkraut, mixed greens, mustard, and chipotle Vegenaise on rye bread.
 Since Dema has been eating all of his lunch at school and is hungry on the walk home, I decided to add a little more. We bought a new PlanetBox launch lunchbox and bag to match his new PlanetBox backpack. His old carrying bag from PlanetBox had a zipper malfunction after a couple years of use. I like the new design better.
Sambazon Blended Breakfast smoothie, organic cranberries.
 The cranberries come in a resealable pouch and I leave it in the velcro section of his lunch bag throughout the week. He doesn't eat the whole pouch in one sitting. It is more of a sweet treat after his lunch and as he walks home.
Farmer's Market strawberries, Italian Tofurky deli slice with mixed greens, chipotle Vegenaise, and mustard on rye bread.
Fridays are usually pizza day at Dema's school so I try to pack something pizza-ish on Fridays.
Organic carrot slices (Dema prefers bite size slices to sticks when eating at school), organic red grapes, and Tofurky Pepperoni hot pocket.


Cadry's Kitchen said...

This is a fun post! I liked seeing what you're packing for Dema, and that's really interesting that he cares more about his food fitting in. Have any children said something about his food being different, or is that just a general concern for him?

VeganLinda said...

Cadry, Good question! My two boys have very different likes and dislikes anyway, but they also react to the outside world in different ways too. They both are very strong in their beliefs about veganism, but it isn't the same. When Parker was in sixth grade, he attended a public school and he would get questions almost daily about his veganism and what he ate. He welcomed the questions, shared food, and did speeches and projects about veganism. We only have that one year in school to compare to because he has homeschooled ever other year. Not that the homeschooled kids don't ask questions, but it isn't the same. So perhaps it has something to do with Dema being in private school for a third year. Dema's best friends at school have a lot of food allergies so I think their is an understanding (to a point) about avoiding certain foods and it is a religious school so their is an understanding (to a point) about living in a way that follows your beliefs. I know Dema did get some comments about purple potatoes and some things that look different, but I think for the most part the kids are respectful. Dema also shares some of his food, but not as much due to the kids with allergies. I think every kid and situation is unique and it is interesting to see how they navigate social situations as they they grow. Middle child stuff and his OCD probably plays into the need to fit in more than his older brother and younger sister. Being liked is very important to Dema, but as many kids his age, I think he puts a lot of pressure on himself and the other kids probably don't notice the things he obsesses about. I remember being in middle school and often feeling like I was under a microscope, but as an adult I know that most of the kids are naturally pretty self-absorbed at this age and things that seem like a big deal aren't.