Saturday, August 15, 2015

Free to Be You and Me

We are so fortunate to have quite a few theater options in our college town. We live in twin cities and both park districts have theater opportunities for children, the community college opens up some of their performances to teens, CUTC has mixed age productions as well as one or two a year just for kids, the surrounding small towns have community theater and they also cast children. This doesn't even include the on screen opportunities like Pens to Lens, individual ad or promos, there is even a web series which is filmed locally. This is just from the top of my head.

It could keep someone acting all year long. With three kids all interested in acting, it does.

Class Act is unique in town because they focus on teaching the children (and adults) how to act or stretch their comfort zone. A lot of time is put into the acting process, getting extremely comfortable on stage, playing with different roles, singing, dancing, and all around improving your performance skills. Parker has loved the improve classes at Class Act and this summer Dema was able to participate in a three week camp ending with several performances of Free to Be You and Me.
Photo from the Class Act website promoting the show. 
Show poster from the Class Act website.
If you have never seen Free to Be You and Me, you are really missing out. It is sadly as relevant today as it was in the early 1970's when it was written. The group really had great energy together and Dema loved working with them. He was one of two boys in the cast and that might have been one of the reasons he liked it so much. He is really not as comfortable and confident on stage as the rest of the cast so it was a great experience to learn from his peers. Dema's solo was about wanting a doll when all his dad wants to give him are balls. Luckily, he has a grandmother who understands the benefits of boys playing with dolls and he has a doll at last. It always makes me tear up. I love the message in the entire musical of being yourself and not judging others.
Josie and her friends, Indi and Amara, waiting for Free to Be You and Me to start. Their first selfie?
Josie loved the play so much, she went twice.
Dema and his fan club.
The cast in their diapers from the baby scene.

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