Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I was chatting with my eleven year old, Dema, the other day and he mentioned a craving for root beer. We aren't soda drinkers, but root beer is a once in a while treat when he goes to the movies or at certain restaurants. I mentioned root beer floats. He'd never heard of one, but he immediately knew he wanted to try it. I finally got around to buying the vegan ice cream and the natural root beer. They were a hit with the kids, but I have to admit they didn't taste as good as I remembered from my childhood. That's probably for the best.
Parker with his first ever root beer float.
Speaking of floating, this is how Josie spent a good portion of the afternoon this Sunday. Thanks to our fabulous neighbors for the use of their pool and mini kayaks. Josie clearly has too much energy and competitive drive. She made Rob time her over and over until she could across in ten seconds. She went back and forth countless times. Going from the deep end to the shallow was clearly harder since she couldn't really push off. She often creates games like these and competes against herself. If only I could harness this energy somehow.

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