Thursday, July 2, 2015

Smooth Sailing

My wonderful crazy husband has always dreamed of living on a sailboat. He grew up on the North Carolina coast and the ocean is his life force. I believe we all have some part of nature that feeds our soul. For some, it is the mountains, others the forest, maybe even the plains. If we deny this part of ourselves, it can have some sad consequences. It is hard when a family of five has possibly five different types of landscapes or natural forces which make them happy.

We've lived in the Midwest for almost 16 years now and it has taken its toll on Rob. Even with yearly visits to the ocean, it is not enough. Last year one of our neighbors (also from NC) bought a small sailboat and they sailed together on a manmade lake less than an hour from our home.
Rob, Dema, and Josie checking out the boat before we launch it into the lake.
More sailing while I wait patiently on the dock with our dog, Gracie. We never got a turn.
This spring, the same neighbor and Rob bought a old cabin sailboat together so we could take the entire family on the lake (the other boat had room for three of us at a time). This is supposed to be a sucker boat for our family.   You know, like a sucker kid that suckers you into having more. It might work because the kids are really enjoying the boat. Parker has really taken to sailing while Dema preferred the small fast boat we used last year, but he does like swimming in the lake. Josie would rarely even get on the little boat last year, but she had fun on the cabin boat as long as we don't heel too hard. I'm hoping weekends at the lake will keep Rob happier for a while until we figure out if living aboard a boat is ever in our future.

Josie feels much more at home on the cabin sailboat and Dema is pretty happy with it too.
Rob in his element at the helm of a sailboat.

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