Friday, July 3, 2015

Louis and I

A couple months ago, Dema was in a local park district production of The King and I Jr. He played Louis Leonowens and had a fabulous experience. This cast was particularly supportive of each other, everyone had an amazing costume created by one of the mothers (she basically outfitted the entire cast single-handedly!!), and the show really gave each performer a moment to shine. I loved the musical as a child because I have a soft spot for Yul Brynner.
The entire blurry King and I Jr. cast with Dema, on the far left, next to his sweet friend who played his mother, Anna.
As an adult, I was more aware of the issues with the "true story" and the musical so I have mixed feelings about the production, but the cast was great and pretty diverse with several newcomers to the program.
Josie, Dema, and Parker after Dema's performance of Louis in The King and I Jr.
Parker and Josie were very proud of Dema's performance. He had his largest solo singing part in this play and he loved every minute of it. He even kept his costume for future use (maybe for Halloween?).

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