Thursday, July 9, 2015

Holiday Happiness

We've been animal sitting quite a bit lately. For a while we had four dogs! We also were taking care of six cats (two different houses) and a dog at another house for a weekend. So much furry fun! I think I've found my passion. I really would like to start a dog boarding/walking/daycare business. I really enjoy getting to know each dog personally and working with multiple dogs to ensure that they get along.

Three out of four dogs (our Gracie is far left, the rest are guests) we had in our house for the holiday weekend.
The weather in our little part of the world was beautiful last weekend. Usually, this time in July is hot humid and miserable, but it was pretty nice. Rob had Friday off for the July 4th holiday so we went for a late afternoon/evening sail with the entire family and our neighbor (the co-owner of the boat) and his son.
Josie on the port side of the sailboat.

Josie still gets a little scared when we first set out to sail. She quickly warms up and is at home on the boat, but she needs to feel anxious for a while first.
Dema and Josie somehow always find a way to play on the boat.
Josie and Dema have a blast with our neighbor's son. He is about Josie's age and all three of them have unlimited energy, imagination, and spunk. They figured out a boat version of cops and robbers or something in that vein and proceeded to chase each other all over our small boat.
Parker prefers to work or relax when we are on the water.
Sometimes I worry that Parker is a little too serious, but then I remember myself at 15 and realize he's fine. I am really happy he is so at home on the boat. It is nice for Rob and Parker to have an activity they can enjoy together.
The craziness of his younger siblings is tough to take sometimes.
Parker doesn't usually go on the boat with his siblings, he is usually with Rob and other adults. All the activity can be tiring for the responsible eldest child.
Parker is happy to manage the sails and help out in other ways.
I didn't know Rob has a teen, but sometimes I imagine Parker is a little like teen aged Rob.
Josie spends a good portion of her sailing time in the water.
The kids spend so much time and energy jumping off the boat, swimming next to the boat or holding on to the rope and being pulled by the boat, climbing up the ladder into the boat and doing it all again. Life jackets are must at all times and we keep a close eye on their fun.
Rob really wanted to do a sunset and even moonlight sail, but we had to leave pretty soon after  these pictures in order  so Parker could give an insulin shot to a diabetic cat he was caring for.
The lake is small, but any water is better than no water and it can still be beautiful.
Josie and Dema spend a lot of the time jumping off and climbing back on the boat...always with life jackets.
Rob was so happy to get the entire family on the sailboat together.
Saturday morning was the little annual neighborhood parade. Josie was the only one of our kids who wanted to ride her bike. The boys both walked our dog guests in the parade. The dogs had as much fun as Josie!
Josie cycling to the little neighborhood parade.
 Of course, Josie wore one of her longest dresses. Cycling is no excuse for lack of fashion sense.
Josie checking out the temporary tattoos.
For some reason I really love this pic of Josie. It was so nice to have the fire department attend this year since they brought bling (like temp tattoos).
This year the fire department escorted the kids for the little parade.
 The fire truck slowed the kids down a little too much, but they still enjoyed the parade.
Josie and three of her good neighborhood buds. The twins are sadly moving soon so this is the last 4th of July parade these four will attend together. So sad.
 Our awesome neighbors, Seth and Gita, are moving to higher ground (Colorado) and taking two of Josie's best friends (their twin girls) with them. This makes every event a little bittersweet for me. I keep thinking how it is the last time they will do different things together. Josie doesn't remember a time when Indigo and Amara weren't in her life. This is going to be an exceptionally hard move to take. We live in a very transient area with the college, but each move is tough and exciting in its own way. Now we have one more state to visit!
Parker working on his new to him bike.
 Parker outgrew his beloved red bike a while ago and I didn't want to buy a brand new bike when my old Le Mond was sitting neglected in the garage. Parker and I bought new tires, handlebar tape, and saddle a few weeks ago. We finally had the time and good weather to fix up the bike.
Wheel and tire maintenance is very important to learn.
Parker was thinking of working in a bike shop next year. I think he'd be a great bike mechanic some day. Now his "new to him" bike is taking him all over town. I worked on the weeds we call a yard while Rob and Parker worked on the bike. I filled up our friend's truck bed with yard waste to take to the landscape recycling center. Saturday night we blew off the fireworks and spent the evening catching up with our friends, Ricky and Catharine. Sunday we rested. It was a fun and productive holiday weekend.


Molly Bentsen said...

Linda, I am really enjoying hearing your stories and seeing your pictures again through your blog -- Molly B

VeganLinda said...

Thanks, Molly! It is nice to blog again.