Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tics - Ordinary OCD

Dema's OCD tends to be more pronounced during times of transition and uncertainty. Often he displays some sort of tic. Sometimes it might be a hand gesture or shrug, other times it is throat clearing or other noise. I don't know if others notice it, but his most recent tic is hard to ignore. It is something between a voice warm-up for singing and a quiet screech.

Transitioning to summer from his school schedule is a little tricky. Add on an extra adult living at our house (loooonnnggg story), contemplating selling the house, and other life changes and Dema's coping mechanisms multiply. I don't think I could even count how many times a day he makes the sound. It makes me a little sad, but it gets him through the day and it just becomes a part of his quirks. Then as quickly as it came, the tic will be gone, possibly to be replaced with something else or maybe his anxiety level with come down and I won't even notice the tics. We take one day at a time.

Dema read and approved of this post. I asked him to write a guest post soon about OCD or anything else he'd like to write about so stay tuned.

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