Thursday, January 9, 2014

We're a Mess Thursday - Organization and the Art of Losing

I like things organized. I mean alphabetized spices, clothes in season order, then color order and all hanging on the hanger the same direction organized. I want everything to have a place, a home, a space to call its own...that also makes sense. You would think my houses would be picture perfect. I am a huge procrastinator. The worst.

My husband spent five years in the Navy. He can iron a shirt better than I ever could, even if I wanted to learn how to iron. He knows how to backpack and survive in the wilderness for days at a time. If there is a zombie apocalypse, my husband is a man you want on your team. He is DDL in The Last of the Mohicans.

He is a huge slob. The worst.

I spend hours, sometimes days, organizing Lego or writing utensils. Rarely is it appreciated by my family. Well, to be fair, the kids usually give me tons of encouragement, but that doesn't keep them from putting the the colored pencils back in non-rainbow order or leaving the cap off the pens.
You would think will a child with OCD that I could at least bond with him on this one, but organizing everything isn't how his OCD works. He puts tons of rules on life, himself, and his surroundings, but color order has never matter to him. In fact, he calls me racist for caring. He is going through a big social justice phase right now.

Anywho, at some point I went through an organizing spree in our living room. The camera charger was either found plugged in the wall or in the drawer of an antique sewing machine which is next to the wall and the outlet. That day, apparently, this bothered my organizing senses and I decided enough was enough. The camera charger was now going to have an honest to goodness home where it was stored and anyone looking for it would know exactly where to go and when we were done with it, we would all know where to put it back. I'm sure I was pretty self-satisfied with the clever, yet obvious, space I ordained for our camera charger.

I haven't seen the bleeping thing since. I have know idea where I decided to put it.

I am looking at my memory-filled camera mocking me as it sits completely dead, and thus locked, next to my desktop. I try to will the pictures to magically download into iPhoto by some strange technological osmosis. It doesn't work. I try to think back to that organizing spree, several months ago now, and figure out what "logical" place my brain picked for the charger. No dice.


Anonymous said...

ah yes, the old "I'll create one safe space for this" and then you forget where that space is. I'm having a similar problem with my son's head to to thick puffy ski suit. How on earth does someone misplace a ski suit in a house with finite storage space?

I once spent hours sorting out Lego in to separate tubs, then my son's friend visited and promptly tipped everything in one big pile. I was all slow mo "nooooooooooo".

VeganLinda said...

So glad I'm not alone!

Anonymous said...

Mrs.evans racist pencils? I keep my pencils in color order.(well sometimes)