Tuesday, September 3, 2013

(Home) School Lunches

I will get into this more in a future post, but our middle child is attending a private school this year while our eldest and youngest are enjoying our weekly homeschooling co-op for the second year in a row. This means three packed lunches once a week and one packed lunch the four other work days. My husband's office provides lunch (they try to have vegan options and I will have him guest post sometime) so we don't worry about his lunches anymore.

Pictures of Dema in his school "uniform" for his first day ever of conventional school. The following lunches are certainly not the healthiest, but they served their purpose. One of the things I like about homeschooling is eating together three times a day so I will probably never prefer packing lunches. The entire heat of the summer has been beating down on us the last few weeks so much cooking in our non-air conditioned house is out of the question.
 I felt a tad sad and nervous about Dema's first day so I made sure to pack extra Country Choice Duplex cookies, Hilary's Eat Well Veggie Bites (I bought these through our monthly buying club and there are similar to tater tots while I was hoping for more nutritional value, sigh), Yves Meatless Ham (I obviously stocked up on easy lunch fixings since I knew the first week would be tough) on sourdough bread with Vegenaise, mustard, and mixed greens, a tomato tortilla wrap with baked tofu, Vegenaise, mustard, and mixed greens.
 Parker had a similar lunch without the veggie bites.
 Dema has a snack time and it has to be nut (peanut and tree nut) free. I usually give him sliced apples, but this day I added Back to Nature Classic Rounds (on sale at the co-op, I don't usually have crackers on hand) with Yves Meatless Ham and vegan cream cheese.
 The crackers were such a treat that he asked for them the next day (this time I used another Back to Nature cracker which was on sale), more sandwich cookies, and some fruit salad.
 His snack for the day was Yves Meatless Ham on sourdough with mixed greens, Vegenaise, and mustard.
 Josie had a similar lunch with the cookies, crackers, and fruit salad, but I added raw cashews with dried cranberries, Hilary's Eat Well Hemp and Greens burger on whole wheat bread, Vegenaise, mustard, mixed greens, and guacamole, a pitted date with cashews in the center is in the middle.
 The container we usually use for soup worked well for keeping her fruit salad cold.
 Parker had the same lunch as Josie and a can of stuffed grape leaves (not pictured).
 I packed half of a hummus sandwich on rye with tomato from the co-op, a tofu wrap on a tomato tortilla with mixed greens, Vegenaise, and mustard, melon, sandwich cookies, crackers with vegan cream cheese and vegan ham for Dema's lunch this day. I always send a Klean Kanteen with water, but I added a Mango Good Belly straight shot.
 Dema's snack from carrot chips in his new snack bag (both from Common Ground Co-op).
Annie Chun's Organic Shiitake and Veggie Potstickers, the last of the harvest whole wheat crackers, sandwich cookiesYves Meatless Ham on whole wheat with mixed greens, Vegenaise, and mustard. Organic strawberries was Dema's snack that day. He said one of his classmates was commenting on how much she liked strawberries so he shared. So far, the kids have been super sweet and welcoming at his new school. I hope to get into a better groove as the school year progresses and the weather cools off.

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