Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Childhood Taste - All Grown Up

I think I've mentioned before, I am not a huge cereal fan. I think most cereals are a waste of time nutritionally and flavor-wise. Yet, once in a while (usually during the heat of the summer) I cave in and buy cereal. Weetabix was on sale the other day through our food buying club so I bought a case. Going back through my blog, it looks like we were first introduced to Weetabix in 2007 by our then neighbors Mike and Alison. I mentioned Weetabix again in 2008, showing the kids' favorite way of eating this simply cereal biscuits...with nut butter and fruit spread. I think we've gone a few years without eating them and now we have a case. I noticed when grabbing a quick breakfast before heading out the door that unsweetened chocolate almond milk over Weetabix sends my taste buds back to the 1970's (when I was just a wee babe) and Count Chocula. I'm not even sure I ate it that often, but I do remember some refrigerator magnets that were a permanent fixture in our kitchen. It is crazy how memories and food go together. This is my embarrassing secret summer fling. I add frozen blueberries and smile the entire time I eat this treat. The kids just roll their eyes and me and slather the Weetabix biscuits with nut butter and fruit spread or ask for a "real breakfast" like a tofu and kale scramble.

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